Why LiFePo4 48V 100Ah Solar Battery So Expensive

As more people know that LiFePo4 battery is better than lead acid battery,more people are willing to use LiFePo4 battery for energy storage home use.LiFePo4 48V 100Ah battery as a big battery, is popular.

But when we deal with distributors of LiFePo4 battery,they tell that LiFePo4 battery is so expensive.

Why LiFePo4 battery is so expensive? As the lithium material cost increase day by day.the lithium cells price increase.So as the lithium battery pack also have to increase the cost.Take our LiFePo4 48V 100Ah solar battery as exsample,we need to use 75pcs A grade new cells to make a big battery.This is the cost can’t cut down.It also need a smart BMS to protect the lithium battery.A good quality smart BMS is also cost much.

But customers will find there are also cheap price LiFePo4 solar battery.As cheap as the price,the quality is also cheap one.They will be used car battery,mean while,mean while it is recycle battery.Not new cells.If you sell such battery,it will do harm to your business.

Good business and good factory will stick to quality and safety first,so the LiFePo4 48V 100Ah solar battery will be a reasonable price.A good lithium battery can use at least 10 years or more than 10 years.

If you need good quality solat battery,please feel free to contact with us.

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