Hybrid Inverter

Hybrid inverter for home use solar system

◆ High frequency design, high power density, small size, high efficiency, low no-load loss.
◇ Built-in MPPT or PWM solar charge controller optional.
◆ Pure sine wave output,any types of loads adaptable.
◇ Battery charge and discharge voltage parameters adjustable,suitable for different types of
batteries,can prolong the life of the battery and improve system performance.
◆ The charging current can be set, battery capacity configuration more flexible.
◇ Three working modes adjustable:AC first,Battery first,PV first.
◆ Output voltage/frequency adjustable function,adapt to different grid environment.
◇ Extra wide voltage and frequency input range, support mains or generator.
◆ LED+LCD display, easy operation and data checking,can set each function and data directly.
◇ Multi-protection function(overload,over temperature,short circuit protection and so on).
◆ RS485 communication port/APP optional.